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Trustworthy News Outlets
  1. The Epoch Times
  2. NTD
  3. One America News Network - OAN
These are news outlets that I have found to be unbiased and resemble what the mainstream news in the U.S. used to be like.
There is one major difference, with The Epoch Times at least, and that is that The Epoch Times is completely independent and financed 100% by its readers. This means that they are not answerable to anyone other than their own principles for what they publish, and nobody forces them to publish certain thngs or ignore certain things. They publish whatever is newsworthy, whether it is good or bad and regardless of any political party or ideology.

Dan Bongino Show - Ep 1509 Interview w President Trump

Dear United States Citizen:
A letter to inform you of the situation we are presently faced with...
(Monday, April 4, 2021 - By CMJones)

Robert Barnes and Rich Baris Discuss Post Presidential Election 2020 Anomalies and Court Rulings
Robert Barnes is an attorney experienced in election law and Rich Baris is a number cruncher experienced with election data and polling.

March 2, 2021 - "Big Tech Companies May Face Millions in Fines with Poland’s New Anti-Censorship Law"
by Jack Hadfield

February 26, 2021 - Judge Rules Arizona’s Maricopa County Must Turn Over 2.1 Million November Election Ballots to Arizona State Senate

"Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Timothy Thomason ruled that subpoenas issued by Arizona’s state Senate are valid and should be enforced, and he disputed arguments from Maricopa County officials saying the subpoenas are unlawful. The county previously stated that multiple audits have been sufficient and said ballots should be sealed."

Make No Mistake: The "Deep State" is Real
Want to know more about it? Watch this video and in 2 1/2 minutes
you will have a very good idea of where our biggest problems are.

The Dan Bongino Show - Ep. 1461
Following the Democrats' successful rigging of the 2020 U.S. Presidential election, new poll finds that 33% of American citizens are open to the idea of seceding from the Union.

Kash Patel:
Biden’s Stance on CCP’s Uyghur Genocide
"a Serious Threat to the World"

President Joe Biden’s recent comments describing the Uyghur genocide in China as a matter of different cultural norms are allowing "outrageous conduct" to continue and pose "a serious threat to the world," former Department of Defense Chief of Staff Kash Patel said in an interview on Feb. 21.

For the leader of the free world to say genocide is a cultural norm is outrageous. Kash Patel, former chief of staff, Department of Defense

White House Press Secretary - Kayleigh McEnany
Holds a Press Briefing to Brief the Press on Media Bias

The News as You Once Knew it is Dead
A short video which explains our current situation

Sharyl Attkisson's opening statement in a recent U.S. Senate oversight committee, the Homeland Security Committee and that committee's oversight of Justice Department and FBI misconduct that has become the standard operating procedure within those organizations.
Dan Bongino - Regarding the News Media of Today
Clip From: "The Dan Bongino Show - Episode No. 1456"

American Thought Leaders - Host: Jan Jekielek
Interview with Victor Davis Hanson (Historian)

Joe Biden Admits (brags) On Camera to(of) Extortion of a Foreign Public Official Using U.S. Tax Dollars as Leverage

Keep in mind that what he is admitting to in this video is to telling a foreign official that if he doesn't fire the prosecutor who is investigating corruption in the company that Hunter Biden is involved in within their country's borders, he will refuse to give them 1 billion dollars in humanitarian aid and he has a few hours to make a decision and do what he says.

Also, it is important to note here that the Democrats accused Donald Trump of doing this very thing during his first impeachment but no evidence was found that proved this to be true and Donald Trump was cleared of any wrongdoing during the first impeachment. Joe Biden on the other hand, admits to doing this (committing an international felony crime) with his own lips and on camera and there have been no repercussions to date.

US Senate - Homeland Security Committee - Testimony
Election Fraud 2020

In the News

Iran Has Started Producing Uranium Metal, Defying 2015 Agreement: IAEA School in China Requires Students to Disclose Their Religious Beliefs
The Biden admin’s move to cancel fossil fuels will kill 80 percent of energy in the United States, while throwing trillions of tax dollars at green energy that only constitutes 5 percent of all energy in the country, an economist says
Former President Donald Trump’s efforts to create an office dedicated to fighting sex trafficking have made an "incredible impact" over the past four years, a nonprofit organization says...


Joe Biden, Racist?
C'mon man!

Tuesday,February 9, 2021
Regarding Social Media and Going Forward from 2021

So I'm just getting around to building this site. I've been working on it for a few days now and it is coming along nicely.

As some of you are well aware, I'm no longer on Facebook, I deleted the new account I had made after Hurricane Laura and following Facebook permanently disabling my previous account that I had for over a decade. I will not be back on Facebook in the foreseeable future, like ever. That is my plan and as of now, those are my intentions regarding Facebook.

In addition to no longer using Facebook, I have also deleted my Twitter accounts and will not be using their service either as both companies, along with Amazon, Apple, and even Google have all consipired together to discriminate against people for their political ideologies. I believe wholeheartedly that they are all on the wrong side of history and the future will at some point reflect that.

It makes no sense, whatsoever, because these massive and successful companies are attacking the political ideology that provided them with the ability to enjoy the successes they are enjoying today. They are reaping the benefits after having taken advantage of the polticial views that I stand for, and now that they have more money than any other companies on the planet, all of a sudden they don't want anyone else to ever have the chance to achieve what they have achieved themselves.

I'm a constitutionalist. The rights protected under the U.S. Constitution, yeah, that sums up my political beliefs and what I stand for. I don't give a damn who you are or what you do for a living, I don't care how important you find yourself to be or anyone else finds you to be, if you don't like my political views you can go pound sand.

Also, if you do feel this way and beleive that our form of government needs to be changed from what we've enjoyed since the beginning of this nation, please take the rest of the modern-day Redcoats with you and move to a place that already has what you are trying to turn our country into. The world doesn't need one more dictatorship or totalitarian and oppressed society, and it certainly doesn't need one less United States of America.

If you want to give socialism, communism, or fascism a go so badly, you need to do it elsewere and if you keep trying to do it here, prepare for a war because eventually you will get one.

There are lots of hell-holes on the planet that are already working on Marx's ideologies (or failing on them to be honest), so by all means get the hell out of the country I call home and quit trying to ruin it like extremists have done with so many other places on Earth.

It is only the most successful of idiots who are dumb enough to attempt what human beings aren't capable of. You should keep in mind however that history is littered with failed attempts to create Karl Marx's fantastical utopia, and every attempt has ended in the entire population in a given society being horribliy persecuted and oppressed by a few elite and totalitarian rulers.

Ninety Percent (90%) of All News Outlets in the United States
Are Controlled by Just Six(6) Corporations

An Open Letter to U.S. Senator John Cornyn
2021.03.18 - From a Constituent in Texas

Dear Senator Cornyn,

I heard you say the other day in the Senate, on the Senate Floor that people don't understand how the Biden adminstration can allow the influx of all of the migrants coming across the border and yet not allow the people who want to come visit to come and visit and spend money to help our economies here. You said that it's like taking a double hit.

Why have you guys failed to put 2 and 2 together? Don't you understand that Joe Biden is intentionally trying to destroy our country? The World Economic Forum and their leftist world domination agenda cannot be successful so long as the United States of America exists, and Joe Biden is the guy they needed to get things moving in high gear. It's why the deep state rigged the 2020 election and forced Donald Trump out even though he won the election. It's why the US Supreme Court wouldn't even allow the people to be heard on the matter.

Klaus Martin Schwab is a German engineer and economist best known as the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. He was born in Germany just prior to the Holocaust, and by the way he acts I assume his parents were not just Nazis, they were likely the kind of Nazis that loved killing Jews. I have no evidence of that, that's just my opinion of the man based on what he seems to believe. The point is that he is very real, and so is the World Economic Forum, and they are in fact attempting to take over the world; I've been watching it play out in other countries like Canada and Australia for quite some time now, but in several other countries as well.

They aren't accomplishing their goals as quickly in the United States and that is putting them behind schedule and so their actions have become more risky, like stealing a United States Presidential election in broad daylight which seems to have paid off quite well considering that none of the people who could have done something about it did anything at all to help prevent it. The same people who could have taken steps to counter that have since continued to do nothing to get to the bottom of it.

Just look at everything Joe Biden is doing right now. How else would you effectively bring down our country? What he is doing is exactly what a person would have to do in order to get this done. If you guys don't quit dicking around with these leftists we are not going to have a country before long and you have very little time to do anything about it. You need to do something and you need to quit playing their political games which are only distractions to keep your attention off what is really going on right now.

You and the rest of the actual Americans are actively being attacked and it has been going on for some years now, and yall don't even realize it yet. That's why we are getting our asses kicked. Do something.


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